Building Service Pages That Convert

July 13, 2023

When it comes to converting as much of your traffic into leads as possible, having informative and value building service / product pages is crucial.

Your service and product pages are where your prospects will navigate to learn more about a specific offer that can help them solve a specific need.

Unlike your home page, your service and product pages need to be specific and dive deep into exactly how you will help your them. This is where a "what to expect" section, stats, process, and reviews section will come in handy.

These pages also need to explore different use cases. For the vast majority of brands, their solutions can solve problems for multiple kinds of customers so showing how a variety of people have seen success can help build trust and clarity into what to expect when working with you.

At the end of the day, your service and product pages need to answer the questions that people have in order to make an educated buying decision so they have enough confidence to buy, submit a lead form, or schedule a demo.

Follow along as we break down our template for a high conversion service / product page.

As a bonus, you can actually copy and paste this exact template into your Webflow project as well! Click Here to visit the Better Sites library and copy your service / product page template today.

Hero Section: Your hero section needs to introduce your service and give some insight into why you are the best service provider for their needs. Obviously we want to keep this section short and sweet, but add as much info as you can here to help people understand what you do, who you do it for, and then a value proposition or guarantee that you have to help build trust.

Next, your hero section needs at least one call to action to help people submit an inquiry. An easy way to do this would be to set an anchor link to take people to the form at the bottom of the page. Another call to action to learn more or see a demo reel is a great way to get people engaging sooner as well.

Finish your help section off with a graphic or video to visually show what you can do to help your audience!

Trust Building: One of the most important objectives of your site is to build trust. A simple logo section like this is a great way to show your audience who you've helped. If you've helped other businesses, you can help them too! This is especially impactful if you have a niche service and those logos are recognized by your audience.

Option 1 - Results: This section is especially important for businesses that are more visual, but realistically, 95% of businesses should utilize a visual section to show the results that they deliver.

Unlike with text, imagery leaves little to the imagination and is a great way to show your audience exactly what you're capable of.

This would also be a great section for a before and after graphic to visually the difference that your service can deliver to your audience. The goal here is to bring the wow factor front and center for your audience  so they know exactly what you can do for them.

Option 2 - Benefits: For this example, we focused more on visuals so people can see what you can do for them. Another great options here is to start introducing some of your "secret sauce". Basically sharing some of the big value props about your service that helps differentiate your service from other services on the market.

Value Props: This is where you can start going into the service value props, especially is you used the previous section for results.

If you used the previous section for benefits and value props, use this section for other value props that might be more specific to a specific audience. Remember, the more closely your service matches your audience and their need, the better off you're going to be for conversion

Since every service is unique, keep in mind that you can modify this section to mold around your specific service offering.

Gallery: Again, people like to see what you can do. This will help reinforce the social proof while showcasing your capabilities.

This section is crucial for practically every brand.

For example, if you're a landscaping company that specializes in backyard transformations, showcase a variety of backyards to help inspire people and show them what's possible.

Plus, if you show them something that's exactly what they want, your company will be their first choice since they will know that you are capable of what they want.

How It Works / Process: When it comes to a service, it's important to share the process that people will go through so they know what to expect after they submit a lead for or book a demo.

What does it looks like to work with you?

This section is always a great space to shed some light on what make your service unique and how you are different than other people?

What is it about how you do things that sets you apart? Share that info of your process here.

Adding a call to action here is also a great way to get people to submit a lead. Anchor links work well here.

As a little bonus, adding an explainer video can help people understand your service even better! Try to make this video short and sweet.

Testimonials: Now that people understand your service, why it'll work for them, and who it's helped in the past, bring it full circle and share some of the kind words that other people have said about your service.

This will be especially important from recognizable businesses and/or testimonials that have some quantifiable data in them!

Call To Action: By now, people should have all of the information they need to submit a lead so it's time to give them a little nudge and encourage them to sign up/submit a lead/book a demo, etc...

Case Study: This is a great spot to share a case study overview to help show people what your service is capable of.

This section should act as a summary and show a few key stats that you service has improved.

Increased revenue, reduced time, reduced expenses, increased efficiency, etc...

The best stats to share are the ones that are quantifiable and prospects can easily apply to their business.

Objections: Do you have a common objection or something that you say that clients really appreciate? Use this section to handle a common objection that people have to help negate any reason they might have to not submit a inquiry.

Final Call To Action: Now it's time to collect those leads! Tailor this section specifically for the action that you want them to take and what information you want to collect.

Do you want more leads that you can filter through? Keep it simple!

Do you want fewer, but qualified leads? Ask more qualifying questions.

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